Yaoguo Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
About us

Yaoguo Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a company focusing on biomedical health industry, featuring IT+BT integration and multidisciplinary crossover, based on the integration of bio-information, bio-pharmaceutical and medical engineering, to create precision technology support platform and promote the transformation of efficient allocation of innovation elements research paradigm. We have developed into an innovative enterprise with high-end technology, new services and emerging business model in healthcare industry. We currently have a strong international team of R&D, manufacture and commercialization members. 

Company Performance

● Jointly with the leading hospitals, we won the first place in the "Top Ten Engineering Technology Problems" in the "2020 Major Scientific Problems and Engineering Technology Problems" hosted by the Chinese Association for Science and Technology and the Ministry of Science and Technology.

● Leading the completion of the "Modern Life Science and Biotechnology Industry Development Plan for Xiongan New Area 2020-2035".

● Invested numerous biomedical high-tech projects, including a sugar bioengineering project industrialized in cooperation with the Institute of Process Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Dalian Institute of Chemical Technology, which has grown into a global supplier of core raw materials for chitosan.

● Participated in the construction of Jiangxi Biological Cell Therapy Center and Biosafety Leve III Laboratory.